What's this Brazilian jiu jitsu stuff?
Brazilian jiu jitsu is a combat sport with a heavy emphasis on grappling. With origins in judo, this off-shoot of Japanese-style jiu jitsu is based on the premise that whatever your size or physical strength, you can successfully defend yourself against a larger, stronger opponent with the use of leverage and proper technique. As a result, Brazilian jiu jitsu has enjoyed huge success in mixed martial arts competitions.

What are your training facilities like?
Marc Walder is now teaching Brazilian jiu jitsu techniques at St Aidans Catholic School in Ilford, Essex. Classes are conducted in a large hall built in 2005 with modern facilities. We have a spacious mat area with plenty of extra room and access to showers and change rooms. Everything needed to learn some great BJJ techniques!

Can complete beginners participate?
Yes. If you know nothing at all we would be glad to show you some great Brazilian jiu jitsu techniques to get you started. We all started in exactly the same way - as someone once said, "A black belt is just a white belt who never gave up."

Are there any age restrictions?
No. Anyone with a basic level of fitness is welcome to start as young or as old as they like.

Do I need to have a gi/kimono?
Brazilian jiu jitsu can be practiced both with and without the gi. It is recommended that you eventually buy a gi, however when beginning it is not absolutely necessary to wear one straight away in order to learn. Comfortable clothing like shorts, t-shirt, tracksuit bottoms, etc would suit.

Is Brazilian jiu jitsu suitable for females?
Yes. One of the main goals of Brazilian jiu jitsu is the use of technique and leverage to control and submit a much larger opponent. It is very suitable for females to use for self defense, competition or fitness.

I travel on public transport. How do I get there?
The closest stations are Newbury Park, Goodmayes and Seven Kings. You can see our location on our Contact Page.

For more information call Marc Walder Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) in Essex on Ph. 07766 703398