Instructor - Shane Smith (Black Belt) Shane has been learning BJJ since 2001 under Marc Walder, instructing students since 2002 and has successfully competed in numerous tournaments. He is well known for his solid knowledge of BJJ and a healthy obsession with reggae music. He was presented his black belt in 2011 the presence of Mauricio Gomes, Marc Walder and Marcus Collinson.

Lineage - Marc Walder (Black Belt)

Shane's instructor Marc Walder still often takes classes at the club. He has been a martial artist for eighteen years and has been studying Brazilian jiu jitsu techniques for eleven - receiving his black belt in 2005. He lived for several years in the US, training directly under the famous Gracie family, and has worked closely with them over the last ten years.

Marc has trained and fought all over the world with the very best opponents. He has competed in many Brazilian jiu jitsu championships, as well as taking part in cage fighting, submission wrestling and judo. He teaches the sport at all levels and has won various medals and trophies in the UK, Europe, Brazil and the US, including two gold and two silver Gracie Nationals.

Marc's current teacher is recent red belt Mauricio Gomes, who was one of only a handful of black belts given by the legendary Rolls Gracie.